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The Best Choice for Intermodal Transportation

Michael Allen is an agent of Matson Logistics®. He's proud to work for a company that offers high-quality service and an impressive range of methods for transporting freight, including highway services. As one of the largest intermodal service providers in North America, Matson Logistics works with an array of rail service and equipment capacity providers to design efficient and flexible intermodal programs for a broad base of shippers.

Domestic Intermodal Services

Matson Logistics provides intermodal service to many of the world's best known companies and brands, moving thousands of containers of inbound materials, outbound finished goods, and industrial and consumer products every day. Contact Matson Logistics today to learn more about the benefits of intermodal transportation.

Choose Us for Intermodal Services

When your freight requires transportation, it's critical that it arrives safely and on-time. There are many different reasons for choosing Matson Logistics, including:

  1. For time-sensitive freight, we provide premium intermodal services designed to compete with single-driver highway transit.
  2. For lower value commodities, we offer value pricing for a variety of equipment types and service options.
  3. For dedicated capacity, we offer a new fleet of Matson private 53' high-cube containers.
  4. Our equipment flexibility offers the best fit for your freight, including 40' containers to efficiently handle dense freight.
  5. Our agreements with all North American railroads and other service providers offer the capacity, rates, and routes to meet your service requirements in every lane.
  6. Our contracts with a select group of drayage providers help ensure on-time pickup and delivery.
  7. Matson Logistics' technology automatically tracks your shipment to report current location and status via EDI, e-mail, fax, or secure internet access.
  8. Most importantly, our experienced service staff carefully manages every load to deliver the consistent, reliable performance you need in your transportation program.